Our Story

It’s the place around the corner your “neighborhood wine bar” where you want to stop and stay a while enjoying your favorite libation as you catch up with old friends & familiar faces – maybe even making new ones over great conversation.  We hope it is the place that memories are made for all.  A quiet place to converse and a lively gathering place to toast to everyday celebrations.

Kim Hackett

Hailing from the Northeast and bringing a bit of their “Wicked” influence to our beautiful river town is Kim Hackett. Kim Hackett is co-owner of Wicked Dame Wine + Bar. After developing her palette with Boston’s high society, she relocated to the midwest and grape stomped her way through the region to experience everything the driftless area has to offer. After finding a deep rooted wine community without a haven to experience new wines she set her sights on opening her own little slice of wicked wine heaven.